RRWA Agricultural Advisory team members:

Jim Caligiuri (Farmer, IWLA, Agriculture Committee Chair)


Craig Cox (Senior VP: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Environmental Working Group)


Mike Delaney, team facilitator (Founder RRWA)


Craig Fleishman (Farmer, Minburn) 


Dr. Cornelia Flora (Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor emeritus of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Iowa State University) 

Dr Jan Flora (Professor emeritus of Sociology, Iowa State University) 

Susan Heathcote (Water Quality Specialist, Iowa Environmental Council) 

Dennis Keeney (Professor emeritus of Agronomy and Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at Iowa State University)

Drake Larsen (Communications and Policy, Practical Farmers of Iowa) 

George Naylor, Farmer-Churdan (Board: Center for Food Safety)

Jerry Peckumn (Farmer, Chair of the board of the Iowa Rivers Revival) 

Dr. Jim Pease (Emeritus Assoc. Professor, Natural Resource Ecology and Management. Environmental, Interpretive, and Wildlife Consulting)


Steve Roe (President, Raccoon River Watershed Association)

Tom Rosburg (Farmer, Professor of Ecology and Botany, Drake University)

Duane Sand (Iowa Natural Heritage: Floodplain Outreach Coordinator)

Jennifer Terry (Agriculture Policy Specialist Iowa Environmental Council) 

The Raccoon River Watershed Association helped the Mississippi and Missouri Divide RC and D with the cost of production of videotapes that explain how to reduce pollution of the Raccoon River. You can see the videtapes by way of the following link:

M&M Divide RC&D Projects or click on the links below.

Conservation Drainage (2 min 16 sec)

Smart Drainage:  Tile drainage can be turned on & off with water structures.

Riparian Forest Buffers (3 min 50 sec)

Cutting Nitrates:  Riparian buffers cut nitrates & phosphorus from both overland flow and underground water.

Working Wetlands (2 min 55 sec)

At Work:  Working wetlands are designed to specifically remove nitrates from runoff & tile waters.

Bioreactors (3 min 50 sec)

Trenched Woodchips:  Buried wood chips are the key to a bioreactor.

Conservation Drainage MASTER

Riparian Buffers MASTER

Wetlands MASTER

Bioreactors MASTER

Raccoon River Basin Geology:

www.whiterockconservancy.org/documents/Geology Framework Bettis July 2012.pdf

Raccoon River Watershed Association: Agricultural Advisory Team